Do you need help in order to get your property ready for the market?

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Are you thinking of Selling your home.?

Below are some of the ways to get your home ready for sale. At ABODE Property Styling we understand the importance of a well presented home. Its important to neutralise the home as well, so if your walls need painting, then it may be time to do so.

  1. DE-clutter thoroughly

  2. Remove fridge magnets and anything on fridge

  3. Spring clean from top to bottom, and make the home sparkle, including windows

  4. Change all globes to high wattage globes

  5. Make any repairs, or hire a handy man

  6. Mow lawns, mulch gardens and trim trees and shrubs

  7. Get carpets cleaned

  8. Make sure buyers can see your house number

  9. Paint walls, if needed

  10. Hire a stylist to help you

Need help with any of these? Just contact us on 0488 577 414