Furniture Hire Is an option for those who have a vacant property, or one that is lived in, but you need up to date furniture, Artwork or Accessories.

At Abode Property Styling we take pride in offering superior furniture, linen, artwork and accessories with a fully co-ordinated design and  installation service. 

The Furniture Hire is usually for Five Weeks, this gives one week to organise photography. Then the next four weeks to open the home to prospective buyers.

Our qualified Interior Designer will view the property, and with her Real estate skills decide what the demographic of your area is. Then she will select furniture, Accessories and Artwork from our extensive range of locally sourced, contemporary on trend itinerary. On the day of Installation, we will Stage your home in the upmost professional manner.

There is also an option to hire the furniture longer if needed.

empty mount lawley property under offer in 21 days

empty mount lawley property under offer in 21 days

under offer in 21 days

under offer in 21 days

Why should i stage my home?

Statistics show that in Real Estate, consumers demand access to quality information, and this usually comes from online. The facts are that 90% of people looking for a property will do so online. Therefore it is essential to have eye catching photos.
To create a WOW FACTOR!!

The facts are, that staged homes sell 88% faster than homes that aren't staged. Staged homes can also sell for 20% more.

At Abode Property Styling we understand the psychology of the buyer. Therefore it is paramount that you stage your home to sell with beautiful furniture, artwork and accessories to entice the buyer, and appeal to their emotional brain.
We also understand what attracts the buyers attention, and have sourced unique pieces to give the home what appeals to them.
We have quality furniture, linen and accessories to suit every home, with quality Artwork sourced from Local Artists. Which the buyers can purchase if they wish.

Prices starting as low as $650

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